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Baseball Generates Elegant Prose

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Jack Daugherty’s column in Thursday’s Cincinnati Enquirer contains the best prose I’ve read yet today.

I like small moments. They’re the best, no matter the arena. Baseball is made of small moments, strategic and monumental. The gamewinning, three-run homer Joey Votto hits in the bottom of the 9th on a hot August night is a monumental instant. It’s no more vital than the snapshots that precede it, when Votto is working a pitcher, fouling off pitches, going through the mental computations that help make the home run possible.

Baseball can consume you. It doesn’t demand that you be consumed. It is something to do while doing something else. I used to listen to the Reds on the radio while helping my kids with homework. I listen on headphones while cutting the grass or reading. In the stands, baseball is OK with you socializing, wandering the ballpark or simply gazing at the evening. Football yanks you into your seat and makes you pay attention.

*Sigh* The season starts for real on Monday, for baseball season is only really baseball season when there are at least eight scheduled games every day.


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March 29, 2013 at 12:52

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