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What/Who to Watch This Weekend…

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…if you’re interested in watching teams you don’t usually watch.

I just got done watching the A’s-Angels series and I’ll have notes about that rout after a while. But if you want to tune into some, let’s say, quirky, series,

The Braves and Nationals have both looked talented and deep. They meet this weekend. One look here, another here, and a third over here. Blogger, STATS Inc.’s Alan Ferguson in the Washington Post, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist.

While, the Orioles and the Yankees play in the Bronx in a reprise of their 2012 AL Divisional Series matchup, the AL series I’m watching (aside from my obligatory, and often painful, diet of Mariners and Twins viewing) will be the Blue Jays and the Royals.

Yeah, yeah, that’s kind of out there, but I think it has the potential to be an explosive offensive experience. While it’s not the ’85 ALCS all over game–man, Dave Stieb was brilliant–these teams both, on paper at least, can score a lot of runs. The Jays’ starters have had a tough time of it so far this year, and the Royals just pounded the Phillies up one side and down the other. Jay’s Journal offers a preview of the series.


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April 12, 2013 at 15:47

AL Central Prediction: Pitches

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Pitches, as in those things people on Mad Men do professionally, or a screenwriter does to an agent, or whatever. Pithy bromides about why I picked my picks the way I picked them.

What follows are just summaries of my reading (see the blogroll), looking at depth charts (click on the team names in bold below to look at how kick-ass the Baseball Prospectus website is) and some video about the American League’s Central Division.

1. Detroit Tigers. Let’s just say that if they are anywhere near as good as they look on paper, even if they are sevens wins less good in real life, they will easily win this division. Best (known) offense and best rotation should trump a possibly shaky back end of bullpen.

2. Kansas City. Let’s just say their offseason  moves demonstrated faith in their young position players. They  turned over most of the rotation while adding no new bats, instead trading a prospect to land a pitcher.

3. Cleveland. Let’s just say they risk becoming a vastly entertaining close-to-.500, a few games, somewhere between 77 and 84 wins, with an improved offense. Outfield defense also improved, but their starting pitching may be interesting (Brett Myers and Scott Kazmir?) Lot’s of slugfests will ensue. Wildly entertaining.

4. Chicago White SoxLet’s just say we don’t have much to say since very little news came out of the South Side over the winter. The impression depth chart study made inclines towards regarding their lineup as having poor on-base skills and their pitching as being workmanlike. Fodder.

5. Minnesota TwinsLet’s just say Twins fans should prepare themselves for the anxiety, and perhaps even terror, they will feel if the Astros turn out to not be as bad as everyone thinks. Replacement-level rubber is going to meet a fanbase road in either Houston or Minneapolis in 2013. While “better,” the Twins’ rotation is…not even interesting; it’s just terrible. Good outfielders lurk in the minor league system. Things will improve, but it will be 2015 when they really start to do so.

Twins Out of Last Place

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Holy Apocalypse is Upon Us!

The Twins are no longer in the AL Central Cellar. Heck, they only trail the top of the division by 8 games and they will be getting healthier (if only because they couldn’t possibly get less healthy going forward, could they? I mean, absent a major transportation disaster or a Target Field Tornado or something similarly gruesome).

(Royals fans: I’m so sorry you are now alone in last, but it IS for a good cause.)

Not only are the Twins not in last place, but their run differential is no longer far and away the worst in the Bigs; it is merely the third worst. Which goes to show you/us how truly terrible the Cubs and Astros are.

(As a lifelong Pirates fan I am so damn happy that, indeed, I was right last season when I said that no matter what the 2010 results were–and they STUNK–that the Pirates were better set up for the long term than the Astros and Cubs. Whew!)

The depressing part of the Twins weekend is that Drew Butera ended Sunday’s game with a game-winning hit, which will encourage Gardenhire to keep him around, even though Butera is sub-replacement level (his wOBA is below .210?!).

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June 19, 2011 at 16:12

Royals Payroll Tiny

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Smallest in baseball. Yet still finding ways to waste money (*cough, cough* Kyle Davies *cough, cough*)

Read more here.

Speaking of payroll figures, here is the link to this year’s payroll figures.

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