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Reds Bummed (Updated)

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Ryan Ludwick’s shoulder injury renders their expected lineup construction moot.

It represents a pretty important outcome in the National League, particularly its Central Division.  The Cardinals are stacked, with lots of young talent ready to join the big club. The Nationals are really stacked.

So, this injury challenges the Reds right at the beginning of the season, a season for which they had very high hopes coming in, and rightfully so. It will be interesting to see if this hastens prospect Billy Hamilton’s rise to the big leagues, for Shin-Soo Choo should probably be playing a corner outfield spot rather than center field.

Oh, yeah, and this injury reminds me of the one Jacoby Ellsbury suffered last April trying to do the same thing, sliding headfirst. I know, I know, there are all kinds of advocates for doing so, saying it’s faster, but the arm and head injury risk seems to be ignored in most of those “arguments.”


Buster Olney, on ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast, said

This potentially is a devestating injury for the Reds because Ludwick is a right-handed hitter in the middle of that lineup that has a Joey Votto and a Jay Bruce [and] was a really important element because he split up those guys. Now it looks like, if Ludwick is out for, say, six to eight weeks, that Chris Heisey might step into the lineup. The question is does a Todd Frazier move into that cleanup spot? Does Brandon Phillips maybe move back into the cleanup spot? It’s going to be a quandry for the Reds.

The Man With the Funny Hat thinks moving Frazier should move upand Zack Cozart should not hit in the second place in the Reds’ batting order. *Sigh*

Updated Again

Ludwick will undergo shoulder surgery to repair damaged cartilage.


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April 2, 2013 at 11:34

Reds Rotation

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Excellent analysis at the Sweet Spot.

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May 13, 2011 at 15:57

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