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Posey’s Injury and Rules

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Bad injury. Collisions at the plate happen. They don’t need to change any rules, the just need to enforce the rule that exists.

The rule that exists says that catchers (or any fielder) can only block the plate if he has the ball. So, enforce the rule, call obstruction on catchers) or other fielders who block baserunners without the ball. Soon enough catchers (or other fielders) will only enter the baseline when he has possession of the ball.

The way they don’t enforce the rule now means that catchers put themselves in a position to be run over all the time, camping out for the throw. Enforce it an the incentive becomes to only put yourself at risk if you actually have a chance at making the play.

Bill James goes off on the rule issue in the New Historical Baseball Abstract.


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May 26, 2011 at 19:34

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Giants Streaking

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Winners of 6 in a row, just passed the Rockies, on top of the NL West.

Still with very narrow run differential (+2), but obviously doing it  via run prevention and just enough–and timely and highly efficient–offense [3.47 runs scored per game vs. 3.44 runs allowed per game]. Lots like last year. Though some Giants fans like this years’ lineup better. [Although, I have to say, hoping for OBP-black hole  Freddie Sanchez to be the #2 hitter in your lineup is…masochistic (notice that his OBP is totally AVG driven: it’s generally .030-.035 higher than his batting average; and notice his career OBP is .335…or about .005 over league average…and you want him in the #2 hole?).]

I’m not sure their pitching staff is quite as top to bottom awesome as  they were last season. However, I am likely full of fecal matter as it’s been written that the bullpen is succeeding wildly.

They do have a shortstop problem. But, amazingly, this team, which I thought looked terrible defensively in the early season, is fourth in the NL in DER (9th in the Majors).

Definitely the Run Prevention.

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May 12, 2011 at 16:01