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Heyward-Bey Needs an Attorney

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I think he may have a legitimate claim against the NFL for failing to protect him adequately, for the League still insists replacement refs do the job the real refs would be doing. But that clearly wasn’t the case in the Steeler-Raiders game, where Heyward-Bey was injured on a brutal an illegal hit.

Fuck Roger Goodell, fuck the owner, fuck ’em all for compromising player safety just so they can break the ref’s union and save a few fucking dollars. I mean, seriously, they insist they need publicly-financed stadiums to make their profits, but they won’t pay the refs?!?

Fuck ’em right in the ear.


Written by jjvedamuthu

September 23, 2012 at 16:18

Jim Harbaugh Proves Being a Prick Pays Off

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People always ask me why I am such a prick. I shrug and say, “Who cares? I am an accurate prick, so go fuck yourself.”

At any rate, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh proved me correct in my prickishness today. Even though he had no basis to challenge plays at the end of the Vikings-49ers game, he was TWICE given a review by the (hapless, shitheaded, suckwad) replacement refs because he acted bad-tempered, boorish, and was a total prick about it.

Thus, I conclude that being a prick gets you what you want.

Hence, I will remain a dickhead.

Written by jjvedamuthu

September 23, 2012 at 13:47

Still Not Enough Offense

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There have still been far too many punts this season and not nearly enough offense.

Thursday, for example, we saw lots of offense from the Giants, but (a) too many field goals, and (b) waaaaaay too many punts (and overall offensive incompetence/futility) from the Panthers. though the Giants’ D-line is pretty disruptive and dog-gone good.

But I still gotta’ say: C’mon Man!

I want to see actual, you know, shoot outs, with that feeling that the last team with the ball will win because (1) no D can stop the O, only hope to slow them down a bit, and (2) the games are close, close, close.

*Sigh* I realize this is asking for a lot, but the whole reason I pay attention is to be entertained and blowouts and punts are not entertaining. Now, if every punt return could go the distance for a TD, now that might be interesting.

Written by jjvedamuthu

September 22, 2012 at 13:37

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Packer Pass D

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So, the Packer GM has a lot of credibility with me.

Confession: I am a Vikings fan, so I want the Packer GM to be an incompetent fool.

However, I am a realist who believes the evidence of my senses. Last night, I saw that the Green Bay pass D looks like it did in 2010 rather than 2011. He had spoken in the off-season of the need to generate a better pass rush, so he acquired a couple of rookies (DL Worthy–of Michigan State–and LB Perry, who lines up outside opposite of Matthews).

Two other things to note.

One, evaluating pass D solely on the basis of passing yards allowed is…stupid. You need to use a rate stat, not a counting stat to do that (anyone who is into baseball sabermetrics knows exactly what I mean: it’s the same thing as saying that RBI totals are not indicative of player quality but rather opportunity). So, you use passer rating.

Anyway, that is the less important thing. The important thing is that lack of a consistent Packer pass rush last season was the core cause of the apparently porous pass D. They had a devastating pass rush last night, and their pass D looked pretty non-porous.

One caveat that is import to make is that the Bear O-line isn’t good. How they can consistently fail to protect the passer is beyond me. Oh, wait, it’s because the Bear GM isn’t as bright as the Packer GM.

*Sigh* When the Bears roast the Vikes secondary–’cause despite appearances, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffry are damn good–I am going to be sick.

Written by jjvedamuthu

September 14, 2012 at 13:40

Too Many Punts

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Yes, yes, there were some 5 games in the opening week of the NFL season in which the winning team scored 40+ points.

Yes, yes, a few up-tempo “packaged” offenses ran opponents nearly ragged (see here for RGIII-specific analysis)..

Yes, yes, I get that.

Yet I still think there were too many punts in Week 1.

There should be none.

More offense!

That is all,

Written by jjvedamuthu

September 13, 2012 at 17:08

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No Punts

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I’ve always been a believer in field position football, using defense, prudent offense, and a good kicking game to incrementally win games. I’ve even vastly enjoyed defense-dominated football games, including the 2008 Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots, a game where defenses completely dominated the first half.

Not this season.

I don’t want to see any punts this year.

I want to see mad shoot-outs, with teams moving up and down the field, going for it on fourth downs, where kicking field goals is only done if there are more than four yards to go on fourth downs inside the opponent’s 38.

I want to see no-huddle offenses, tight ends who can both run block and terrorize defenses out of the slot (that’s you, Jimmy Graham, and you, Jermaine Gresham, and you, Jarred Cook, and you two, too, Fred and Vernon Davis).

I want to see running backs break huge runs off–like LaMicahel James at Oregon– designed cutback runs out of spread formations with wide O-line splits.

Anyway, screw the D this year. Let the points rain down.

Written by jjvedamuthu

September 9, 2012 at 20:22

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