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Los Angeles Dodger Primer

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Kershaw, Clayton

Greinke, Zack

Beckett, Josh

Ryu, Hyun-Jin

Billingsley, Chad


Chris Capuano

Ted Lilly



Closer: Brandon League

Setup: Kenley Jansen

Ronald Belisario

Middle Javy Guerra

J. P. Howell

Scott Elbert

Matt Guerrier


League got big contract despite Jansen’s ridiculous K/9. Belisario riding huge K% increase, but his sFIP fueled by low BABIP. Guerra’s value lies in low BABIP & high LOB%, so he is not as good as core numbers would suggest. Howell as primary LHRP, but he is declining. Consensus view is that it is weird to elevate League over Jansen, unless the thought is towards Bill James’ optimized bullpen ace useage pattern. Jansen is a strikeout machine. But it is likely that LAN will use League as closer. Jansen will be an extremely important setup man. 



Projected Lineup

1 Ellis, Mark 2B

2 Crawford LF

3 Kemp CF

4 Gonzalez A 1B

5 Ramirez H SS

6 Etheir RF

7 Cruz, Luis 3B

8 Ellis, A. J. C




Minor League System and Prospects

Minor League Affiliates


1 Yasiel Puig OF

2 Zach Lee RHP

3 Corey Seager 3B

4 Chris Reed LHP

5 Joc Pederson OF

6 Matt Magill RHP

7 Oneiki Garcia LHP

8 Chris Withrow RHP

9 Garrett Gould RHP

10 Zachary Bird RHP




1 Zach Lee P

2 Chris Reed P

3 Corey Seager SS

4 Yaseil Puig OF
5 Jesmeul Valentin SS

6 Garrett Gould P

7 Onelki Garcia P

8 Chris Withrow P

9 Joe Pderson OF

10 Zachary Bird P

11 Aaron Miller P

12 Tim Federowicz C

13 Rob Rasmussen P

14 Paco Rodriguez P

15 Ross Stripling P





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April 11, 2013 at 21:03

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McCourt = Douchebag

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In case you missed it, the Yankees blog–boo, hiss, I know, but this post is totally awesome and totally worth your time–covers what complete and utter douchebags the McCourts have been as owners of the Dodgers. Bottom line, it is right, just, and past-time that Bud Selig separates McCourt from ownership of a Major League franchise. And to think that McCourt almost got control of the Red Sox back in 2002. (Thank God for John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucciano!)

Craig Calcaterra piles on today, and it’s worth your time, too.

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June 22, 2011 at 12:27

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Dodgers = The Suck

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Yankees blog covers it well and explains why the Dodgers need to be competently run.

I just don’t get why either LA franchise, either Chicago franchise, or either New York franchise can even be bad absent serious mismanagement. Those teams should always be good, along with the Red Sox. Those are the largest media markets, with huge fanbases and gigantic money to be earned from media. So it is ridiculous that any of those teams are ever not good.

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June 21, 2011 at 14:25