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The Smell of Desperation on the North Side

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If you’ve ever wondered what desperation smelled like, just inhale deeply through your nose as you read this. When Kevin Gregg is your next-best “closer” option, well, you’ve got troubles enough to make you desperate. The Cubs have a healthy Carlos Marmol and an injured Kyuji Fujikawa, the guy who was supposed to make Marmol dispensable but so far hasn’t quite mastered the “craft” of closing out ballgames. Kevin Gregg (the BB/9 and/or BB% numbers may lead you to a preliminary conclusion that is not unprecedented).


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April 14, 2013 at 12:00

Cubs Primer

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For the commissioner of the FOR KEEPS Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League, Sean Flynn. It’s as unsettling as the Twins Primer was, though, so you may just wish to remember that there’s always next year.

The Cubs are in re-building mode, and the exit of the Astros from the National League Central division to the American League West means the Cubs must play other, non-Astro opponents 15 more times than in 2012. As the Astros lost 106 games in 2012, and as the Cubs managed to win 8 of the 15 games, even if the Cubs get a little better they still are looking at a 90-loss season.

There are some good young players here: Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, maybe even Wellington Castillo. They imported an intriguing relief pitcher from Japan, Kyuji Fujikawa. But they still have a lot of holes in the lineup to be filled.


Chicago Sun-Times


Chicago Cubs Report

Cubbies Crib

Obstructed View

The View from the Bleachers


Following 2012 dumpter sale by Epstein and Jed Hoyer, Cubs bring 63 players to 1013 camp, 25 of whom were not with the organization last season. That’s kind of like Major League, but…wait, that’s what happened in Houston. The Cubs resemble nothing so much as a northern, quieter version of the Astros: blowing stuff up to get talent for the future.

Cubs fans are faithful (excellent piece from the Sun-Time worth the time to read).




Jeff Samardzija

Edwin Jackson

Scott Felman

Travis Wood

Carlos Villanueva


Scott Baker (Tommy John 4/17/2012)

Matt Garza, strained lat, doubtful for start of season.


Alberto Cabrera MLB

Arodys Vizcaino (Tommy John 2012)

Robert Whitenack A+

Brooks Raley MLB

Chris Rusin MLB

Casey Coleman MLB

Barret Loux AA

Nick Struck AA


CL Carlos Marmol

Setup Kyuji Fujikawa

Shawn Camp

Mid James Russell

Michael Bowden

Rafael Dolis

Long Hector Rondon


Trey McNutt AA

Drew Carpenter AAA

Jaye Chapman MLB

Jensen Lewis AAA

Blake Parker MLB

Zach Putnam MLB

Cory Wade MLB

Hisanori Takahashi MLB

Fujikawa, Marmol’s competition, had an INSANE record in Japan.

Projected Lineup

1 David DeJesus CF

2 Nate SCherholtz RF (v RHP)

3 Anthony Rizzo 1B

4 Alfonso Soriano LF

5 Starlin Castro SS

6 Ian Stewart 3B

7 Wellington Castillo C

8 Darwin Barney 2B


C Dioner Navarro

IF/OF Brent Lillibridge

IF/OF Luis Balbuena

OF Scott Hairston (v LHP)

OF Dave Sappelt


C/1B Steve Clevenger MLB

3B Christian Villanueva A+

3B Josh Vitters MLB

SS/3B Junior Lake AA

IF/OF Logan Watkins AA

OF Brett Jackson MLB

OF Jorge Soler A

OF Matthew Szczur AA

IF Alberton Gonzalez MLB

IF Edwin Maysonet MLB

OF Brian Bougusevic MLB

OF Johermyn Chavez AA

OF Darnell McDonald MLB

Infield Primer

Outfield Primer

Minors & Prospects

Minor League Affiliates

Prospects–Baseball Prospectus


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Dodgers = The Suck

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Yankees blog covers it well and explains why the Dodgers need to be competently run.

I just don’t get why either LA franchise, either Chicago franchise, or either New York franchise can even be bad absent serious mismanagement. Those teams should always be good, along with the Red Sox. Those are the largest media markets, with huge fanbases and gigantic money to be earned from media. So it is ridiculous that any of those teams are ever not good.

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June 21, 2011 at 14:25

Twins Out of Last Place

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Holy Apocalypse is Upon Us!

The Twins are no longer in the AL Central Cellar. Heck, they only trail the top of the division by 8 games and they will be getting healthier (if only because they couldn’t possibly get less healthy going forward, could they? I mean, absent a major transportation disaster or a Target Field Tornado or something similarly gruesome).

(Royals fans: I’m so sorry you are now alone in last, but it IS for a good cause.)

Not only are the Twins not in last place, but their run differential is no longer far and away the worst in the Bigs; it is merely the third worst. Which goes to show you/us how truly terrible the Cubs and Astros are.

(As a lifelong Pirates fan I am so damn happy that, indeed, I was right last season when I said that no matter what the 2010 results were–and they STUNK–that the Pirates were better set up for the long term than the Astros and Cubs. Whew!)

The depressing part of the Twins weekend is that Drew Butera ended Sunday’s game with a game-winning hit, which will encourage Gardenhire to keep him around, even though Butera is sub-replacement level (his wOBA is below .210?!).

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June 19, 2011 at 16:12

Wrigley = Dump?

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Chicago Sun-Times correspondent Rick Morrissey calls Wrigley Field “a dump.” 

I wouldn’t go that far, but the concourse and pretty much every place not in the stands does smell like urine. Also, concession stands are completely out of sight of any action. I mean, it’s antiquated, and it smells like an alley behind a dive bar, but the field is gorgeous, and, despite those obstructed views, it’s decent.

So, maybe it would be more accurate to call it…a semi-dump.

But it’s beautiful on the inside. Oh boy, you what it means when a man says those words…..

I still thought it was awesome when I was there in 2010.

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June 16, 2011 at 20:39

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