I Love the Cold Hard Football Facts

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The excellent blog, Cold Hard Football Facts, calls on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to “back down or step down.”

I say: “Permutation–Do both.” (All you ex-policy debaters probably never thought you’d see someone ranting about football advocate a permutation, did you?)

CHFF really knows their facts. If you love football, you should bookmark that blog.

And Roger Goodell shouldn’t merely step down, he should come and personally apologize to all NFL fans, particularly Packers fans. Now, I am a Vikings fan, and I really don’t like the Pack, but they got royally hosed last night and deserve, all of them, the chance to hit Goodell in the face with rotten produce.

UPDATE 1–More good bitching by Bill Barnwell at Grantland.

UPDATE 2–Even more bitching by the readers of Grantland. The second best of these emails tells a sad, sad truth: “If this ending doesn’t lead to the real officials being brought back, Gary Bettman could travel the country and physically shit on every NHL fan and still not look as terrible as Goodell.”

Hungry Fan in Bedford wrote the best of these emails (and apparently I like shit references): “Can you imagine if another company treated its customers like the NFL does? It’s like if Apple were to respond to complaints about software glitches in the new iPhone by saying “Oh yeah? Well we’re going to force every iPhone owner to have their wallpaper set to a picture of a naked fat guy taking a dump. A couple weeks of that and you’ll quit your bitching.” Only for the NFL the glitch is concussions and the refs are a naked fat guy taking a dump.”


Written by jjvedamuthu

September 25, 2012 at 15:57

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