Still Not Enough Offense

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There have still been far too many punts this season and not nearly enough offense.

Thursday, for example, we saw lots of offense from the Giants, but (a) too many field goals, and (b) waaaaaay too many punts (and overall offensive incompetence/futility) from the Panthers. though the Giants’ D-line is pretty disruptive and dog-gone good.

But I still gotta’ say: C’mon Man!

I want to see actual, you know, shoot outs, with that feeling that the last team with the ball will win because (1) no D can stop the O, only hope to slow them down a bit, and (2) the games are close, close, close.

*Sigh* I realize this is asking for a lot, but the whole reason I pay attention is to be entertained and blowouts and punts are not entertaining. Now, if every punt return could go the distance for a TD, now that might be interesting.


Written by jjvedamuthu

September 22, 2012 at 13:37

Posted in Football

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