Realignment Round-Up

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I will try to keep my comments brief (yeah, I know that’s pretty much UNBELIEVABLE…and a lie).

First,  links to my previous posts on the matter are here, here, and here.

Craig C. at Hardball Talk expresses cautious optimism but the fan poll likes divisional play or something.

“Duk at Big League Stew mostly talks about the Rangers and Astros in the same division as the “best” possibility. Uh, ??!!(Remember, I think divisions create suboptimal outcomes and should be rejected on that level alone; the Seahawks winning a playoff game doesn’t matter–they should not have even been in one, let alone hosting one).

FOX Sports’ J.P. Morosi also says move the Astros to the AL West. Where he gets really, really stupid is when he says that the four divisional structure made the regular season so important in baseball. This man knows very little about baseball history, apparently. You see, the thing that made baseball’s regular season so damn important for about seven decades was that…one team from each league made the post-season. That is, until divisional play started, there was only one post-season series: the World Series. So, his “history” is based on his lifetime of memories rather than on, uh, HISTORY. Historians call this sort of insipidity, “presentism,” the belief that all of history leads up to the now, and that it can be interpreted solely in terms of the now. And the whole concern about teams not being able to raise a divisional championship banner…does anyone really get teary-eyed seeing a divisional championship banner go up? No, really, who cares? A league pennant, uh, pennant matters; a divisional crown, is…kind of dumb.(Okay, so I LIED when I said I would be brief.)

Dave Allen at FanGraphs, isn’t insipid, and has an interesting evaluation of realignment and playoff races.

Here are some interesting observations about team construction and perpetual interleague play.

And, finally, here is a terrible idea for the realignment scheme–Bowden’s idea is way, way more palatable (all divisions even-sized, at least) and I give it a palpable UGH.


Written by jjvedamuthu

June 13, 2011 at 12:58

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